Reaching the Castle

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It has been a journey fraught with peril. We’ve encountered strange beasts and impassible chasms. We’ve had to solve baffling puzzles and perplexing riddles. Each challenge was met with swords drawn, so that we might reach the castle. Wait, that almost sounds like fun.

It wasn’t.

We bought a house for the first time. We’d heard it was stressful, we’d heard it was hard. We had been warned, but you can’t really imagine until you’re in it. As a matter of fact, at the very beginning, it was fun. Everything went so smoothly that we were lulled into this sense of ease. We knew the house we wanted the minute we saw it. Pre-approval was a breeze. Papers were drawn and signed and it sounded like we would need a couple of inspections and that would pretty much be it. But within a couple of weeks, everything changed.

Our personal finances were scrutinized. Everything we did with our money was questioned. We couldn’t make too much or too little. “Where did that deposit come from?” “Why did you make more money this year than last year?” “We need you to pay this $50 balance on this credit card immediately.”

There were unexpected costs; things we were told would be in closing that weren’t, like the home inspection and the appraisal. There was confusion about the water test, and the test could only be obtained on Tuesday mornings in another town half an hour away. There were things that came out of left field, like the crazy ex-wife factor. There was this form and that form: “We need this one signed in ink today, within the hour if possible.” There was this deadline and that deadline. When they tell you something will happen on a certain day, anything from the appraisal results to the closing, it’s never that day. It’s always one or two – or twelve – days after they say it’s definitely going to happen.

And after weeks of being pushed for an early closing (sure, we wanted early, too, but it was adding to the stress), we ultimately ended up closing late. Two extensions and a last-minute interest rate change later, we got another phone call saying “Can you close today?” But this time it actually happened.

I sit here now, and it’s over. All the confusion and fear, the tears and the maniacal laughter of the last few weeks have subsided. We have our place – our tiny home on a spacious lot and we couldn’t be happier. We can rest easy now, take a deep breath and relax. We have big dreams for this little house, and so have lots of work to do. I’ve heard home renovations can be stressful, but I can’t imagine that fixing up our castle will be that challenging. Right?