A Breakup

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Someone just broke up with me. It wasn’t a lover, or even a friend. This was a professional breakup. Someone that I had been involved with for many years. We didn’t end things on the best of terms the first time around, but we had recently gotten back together and things seemed good for awhile.

But soon, a silence crept in to our second-chance relationship. I thought it odd and reached out, but my request was met with more silence. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was being ghosted. So after a couple of months, I reached out again. This time, I was met with the truth of the matter – a reason for the breakup.

Now what upset me when I received the news was not the news itself. It was the manner in which it was handled: the silent treatment followed by the declaration that I had broken the rules. Rules which were never given to me in the first place. For the first several minutes, my heart was broken. I even cried, because it opened the same wound that had first been inflicted several years prior. But it wasn’t long before they dried up.

I realized that this relationship was the least of my needs at this time in my life and I could leave it behind. But most importantly, I realized that this someone believed they were in the right. Their actions were hurtful and deceitful, but it is all they know. I will not berate them for their unprofessionalism, I will not call them out for their inconsiderate actions. The best gift I can give myself is to let it go – let them go – and cultivate the relationships I currently have that nourish and support me. Because that is where my energy is best spent.leavesonwater