Yes Indeed I’m Walkin’

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Do you ever walk anywhere – to work, to the store, or to meet friends? Even if the choice means an added fifteen, twenty, or even thirty minutes of time to your journey? I do sometimes. And it seems to confound people when I do. They can’t seem to understand why I would walk when I have a car. Why would anyone actually CHOOSE to walk?

There are a lot of benefits to putting one foot in front of the other, and you can figure them out. I’m not going to bore you with obvious reasons. What I do want to share with you are some of the reasons why I do.

I could get in my car and be downtown in ten minutes. Yet sometimes I grab my backpack and put on sneakers and leave the car behind. Because when I do, I have time to see the shadowy patterns on the sidewalk. I notice a small bird perched on a fencepost. I see initials scratched onto concrete and imagine the story behind them. I pass a church on the corner and see architectural details I never would have seen otherwise. I see – really see – the mountain that watches over our little town. If I’m lucky, I might even bump into a friend who also happens to be walking.

It’s no surprise that our lives are getting faster and busier and it’s harder than ever to slow down. But that’s why it’s important. If we don’t slow down, we break down. And I’m not telling you to take a walk. I’m just telling you to slow down – it really is worth it. And if you see me walking, I won’t take offense if you offer me a ride. Just don’t insist on it.




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