What others have to say about Meditation Kick Start:

“My first week was so good. Doing the ten minutes on my serene trainride really forced me to ground myself before entering the highly toxic environment at work. I am usually stressed out with dread before I get to work in the morning, and doing these this week really alleviated all of that almost entirely, and kept me feeling pretty good until lunchtime or so. I love them!”
– Amanda G.

“I’d never done a formal meditation program before and I wasn’t at all sure what to expect. Mel’s Arrive was so clearly organized and covered so many topics.  I discovered that there were many ways to meditate. I will probably take this course again just to keep myself in the habit of meditating.  For the value I received, the cost of the course is minimal.”
– Ann J.

“Inviting and varied and really worthwhile. Trying to meditate consistently has always been difficult for me, and this course really helped me get more comfortable with regular mediation.”
– Jason H.

“I learned a lot from Mel’s 21-day class! I liked getting a daily reminder and giving myself the gift of taking the time to meditate. Each time I came out of it feeling a sense of well-being. Thank you, Mel. I highly recommend Arrive.”
– Camille J.

“Mel has an approachable teaching style, and clearly has lots of experience. She took the time to answer my questions (I was a newbie!) and by the end of the course, I was surprised how much I enjoyed meditation.”
– Sharon B.